Noah Rubin

Extended Bio

Current school: Rosenblatt High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy (graduating 2021)

My favorite scratch program: AWSOME tank sprite from awsome tanks
This is a tank simulator game that a Giuliano, a past student, made after he completed the Maze Game Workshops at Florence Fuller! How cool is that!?! You can click or press space to shoot, move around with the arrow keys, and change the tank with the numbers.

My favorite part of teaching is seeing the children getting excited when we walk through the door, when they are excited to learn, when they want to do more workshops, and especially when they tell me about the things they coded at home!

In 2016, I visited The Youth Activity Center's computer room with plans to help. I had learned computer programming in elementary school at a summer camp and looked forward to sharing my knowledge. I was shocked that there was no skilled teacher that could provide any kind of computer instruction. The only thing the computer room was used for was to play video games or watch videos after the children finished their homework. I approached Ms. Ellen, the Director, asking if she would be open to me trying to teach computer programming to her elementary schoolers; she gave me a chance. I prepared for my first workshop by writing a draft curriculum and practicing explaining a few concepts. Over time I revised the curriculum as I understood how to more effectively teach the children. Teaching took some getting used to but after a few weeks, I became more comfortable and better at it. The children still look forward to seeing me come back every week to this day! Their smiles, cheers, and excitement motivate me to keep teaching and expanding canCode.

Outside of canCode my extracurricular activities include Captain of VEX Robotics at RHS, RHS's Engineering and Medical Studies Affiliations with FAU, Student Government, NHS, High School Soccer, JSU, AIPAC, iTeam