There are a lot of ways you can get involved with canCode!

How do I become a teacher?

  1. Click the button above and fill out the application

  2. Once accepted, you will meet with Noah and learn the curriculum

  3. You will shadow Noah or another teacher at The Youth Activity Center

  4. Noah will shadow you at The Youth Activity Center and give feedback, as well as help if you get stuck

  5. Noah will help you move into a new site!

  6. You and your partner will teach on your own, keeping in touch with Noah and canCode


Who can I contact?

  • You can email

  • Text or Call (prefer text) 561-251-7700

Do I get Community Service?

Of course! You get community service from teaching, studying for your workshops, and anything canCode related.

Where does canCode get its funding?

Through the generosity of the Philanthropists: John Scarpa, Rick Stone, Christine Stiller, and Jim Karp and Philanthropy Tank. Learn more on our Sponsors Page.